• Peyton Cram

Creation While on Fire

These last couple of weeks have been interesting to say the least. What does one do in a time like this? One of the last things on panic stricken minds is to create, however that is exactly what we should be doing. Let me tell you why.

When we allow ourselves to free fall into the haze of sheer panic, our ability to think, let alone exist diminishes to almost non-existent. Being able to connect with people, let alone kind, seems to evaporate with the perspiration of fear. Allowing ourselves to be driven by fear and panic will lead us to a state of exhaustion and isolation. What will we have left if left on survival?

Trauma. Isolation. Fatigue. Shame. Embarrassment. To name a few and not even touching on how this will impact our culture as a whole. So what can we do?

We create. Make things. Write things. Anything. Something.

You paint your emotions and throw paint at a canvas. You smear glitter on a visual journaling page and set fire (by a water source, outside, with necessary safety precautions) to letters written and journal pages. Or if you're like my tribe and me, you set fire to the canvas and then paint on it afterwards.

Why is creating important during a time like this? It puts an image and words to your experience that you may not realize you have. It quells the raging fire of fear and translates it into the beauty of your soul and display before your eyes. Makes it tangible. The act of making any kind of art actually releases the feel good neurotransmitters and elevates mood, while allowing you to calm. Journaling helps piece your thoughts together and make sense of things. That and it takes up some quarantine time. If you're quarantined with family, make art a family activity.

This helps brings gaps in connection and create a sense of grounding and something to hold onto. It creates memories we can look back onto and be able to pick out some good. If you have kiddos, if helps them see we can survive together rather than at each other's throats over toilet paper and butter. It shows ourselves that we can be humans and we can do better. We're starting to see that across the globe where music is bringing people together through balconies and back yards.

So my question to you, do you want to be a part of history that creates a divide or a part of history that creates a bridge?

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