• Peyton Cram

Coming Home

So I've been on a blog hiatus-my apologies. However, I just got a download (inspiration) while sitting in a car shop feeling at home and settled with myself after doing some internal house cleaning. So here's the poem:

I fell for the person you thought me to be.

Wishing every day until they grew into existence.

I fell for the person you wanted me to be.

Demolition crews scheduled each day to deconstruct every brick,

Laying new foundations for the walls you coaxed into fruition.

I fell for the person you built me to be.

Weathered against the berating winds and thrashing storms,

Holding strong under the brunt of wrecking balls blasting through my worldviews.

I fell for the person I turned out to be.

Scraping and fighting for the pillars of marble strength I now rest against.

Cleaning the floors of debris and opening the windows for the air of a new spring. My spring.

I fell for the person I am.

Dancing in the sunlight trickling in from the cracks endured from each time I slammed my body against the tomb that encased my soul.

I fell in love with the person I continue to grow to be.

Under my determination and step upon this Earth.

I fell in love with who I am and who I will continue to be.

We spend a lifetime trying to fit everyone's expectations of who we should be (sometimes vice cmversa) and completely forget that we are who we are. So don't forget to take a moment to sit with yourself and treat yourself with some compassion. We spend a lifetime with ourselves, so we might as well make ourselves home.

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