• Peyton Cram

Art is Play Time

Gold leaf particles scattered on the floor with paint splatter hitting the tarp, trailing a flow of inspiration onto the canvas before me. The story that follows interprets the words I could not find as my hands dipped into paint; spreading ink into the poem that appears about the back of most canvas. My process for my pieces is a chaos of downloading inspiration that comes at a moments notice.

The best piece of advice I could give for creating anything, don't think about it. Those judgements that come into mind (you are not good enough, comparing to other's techniques, no one wants to see it, why bother, why bother), let them pass. Holding onto them will only keep you frozen and prevent you from creating, expressing. It kept me quiet for a long time.

Those judgements are merely societal standards that create unreachable hoops for us to jump through, just to yank them from reach when we make it. I'm not professionally trained and look at me. I'm about to have my first art show case. Pretty rad for some who greets their art process as play time.

That's it. That's how I've gotten where I am now. I don't think about my end result. I let the negative thoughts pass and follow my gut. If I want to add glitter glue to the canvas, then glitter glue is going on the canvas. Spending time in my head during the creating process gets me no where. Gets no one anywhere whatsoever. All it leaves are blank pages, blank canvases, and frustration. Striving for the perfect draft or image.

Let me let you in on a secret. All things can be painted over. So go paint.

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